Vacancy Announcement For The Post Of The University Librarian


There will be a vacancy in the post of University Librarian of the Federal University of Technology, Akure with effect from 1st August, 2022.    Consequently, the Governing Council of the University has decided to commence in earnest the due process for the appointment of a University Librarian in accordance with the provisions of the Universities of Technology Act as cited in Chapter F23 of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004; and University Act.



The Albert Ilemobade Library (AIL) is the major repository of all academic resources (books, journals, theses, government documents, (etc.) which serves the needs of both staff and students of the University as well as other interested users in the Community. The Albert Ilemobade Library (AIL) is the epicenter of academic information of the University.

The University Library, in her over 30 decades of service to the University community and her environs; has grown in size, scope of operation and social responsibility.  The University Library moved to its permanent ultra-modern building which covers a floor space area of 1,614.74sq.m and can sit 2,500 readers at a time.   The University Library is endowed with a team of qualified professional, support and technical staff and state-of-the-art facilities that enable it to continue to fulfill its mandate of delivering effective service in supporting teaching, learning, research and scholarship and also, providing excellent, resourceful and user-oriented services to her user community.



The University Librarian is a Principal Officer of the University.  Candidates for the post shall be visionary, have the ability to provide good leadership and command respect and loyalty of staff of the University Library. Candidates must also possess personal integrity and demonstrate transparency in private and public life.



The University Librarian is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the overall administration and coordination of the University Library, its branches and extensions and providing services for the entire University community.  he/she will be required to administer the Albert Ilemobade Library AIL) and to develop it to meet the University’s increasing needs especially its post-graduate and research programmes. In addition, he/she is responsible for:

  1. framing Library policies and making personal contacts and liaising with

Departments on book requirements as well as giving professional advice on library

  1. preparing Library Budgets
  2. establishing policy for library exchange
  3. engaging in matters of common interest for the benefit of readers and users of the


  1. performing other duties that may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.



Applicant must:

a.         possess a good honour’s degree, Master’s in Library Studies (MLS) and Ph.D.;

b.         have, at least, fifteen (15) years of cognate experience working in academic library; 

c.         not  be below the rank of a Deputy University Librarian;

d.         have scholarly publications in reputable journals;

e.         must be members of the following:

  1. Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria
  2. Nigeria Library Association; and

f.          be highly computer literate and proficient in relevant computer applications as applicable to the running of a complex and modern University Library.



The successful candidate will be entitled to the salary and other conditions of service as are applicable to the Librarian in any Federal University in Nigeria.



The appointment shall be for a single term of five (5) years and may be extended for a further period of one year only, after which the Librarian shall relinquish the post and be assigned to other duties in the University if an internal candidate. The appointment is further governed by the Federal Government Establishment circulars as may be adopted by the Governing Council from time to time. Fringe benefits include furnished accommodation, an official vehicle, a driver and other benefits as approved by the Governing Council.


  • Interested candidates are required to submit twenty five (25) copies of their “Curriculum Vitae”, duly signed and dated by the applicant.  The Curriculum Vitae must contain the candidate’s  name in full, place and date of birth, marital status, number and ages of children, nationality, academic qualifications, degrees with classes (copies of certificates to be enclosed), administrative and managerial experience, academic distinctions, membership of professional bodies.  (Please visit FUTA Website for the format of Curriculum Vitae).


  • Statement of the candidate’s own Vision for the Library of the Federal University of Technology, Akure as a Library of the 21st Century (25 copies).


  •  Candidate must nominate (3) referees who MUST forward references on him/her directly to the Registrar and Secretary to Council. Such references should attest to the candidate’s claims to high administrative capability as well as his/her moral standing and must be received and signed for in the Office of the Registrar on or before 1600 hours on Friday, 27th May, 2022.   All shortlisted candidates shall be required to make themselves available for interaction at an appointed date. 


Applications are to be submitted under confidential cover in envelopes marked at the Upper Left Hand Corner “Post of University Librarian, FUTA”, to reach the Registrar and Secretary to Council, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B. 704, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, not later than six (6) weeks from the date of this publication, that is, 1600 hours on Friday, 13th May, 2022.



R. A. Arifalo

Registrar and Secretary to Council